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1805 Clementi

Welcome to the Frederick Historical Piano Collection

Located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts

Our Historical Piano Collection

c. 1795 Unsigned piano, from the Frederick Collection 1805-1810 Katholnig, Vienna, from the Frederick Collection 1828-29 Graf, Vienna, from the Frederick Collection 1840 Erard, Paris, from the Frederick Collection 1862 Chickering, Boston, from the Frederick Collection 1877 Blüthner, Leipzig, from the Frederick Collection 1907 Blüthner, Leipzig, from the Frederick Collection 1928 Erard, Paris, from the Frederick Collection

An Introduction to the Piano Collection by Edmund M. Frederick, Owner / Curator / Restorer

Courtesy Daesik Cha

Updates, Spring, 2024

Spring 2024 concert preview

The Piano Collection

We continue hosting Piano Collection tours for groups and individuals, pianists and students, and members of the music-loving public. Tours can be scheduled by appointment, for most days of the week, by phone (978) 827-6232 or by email at A typical tour takes three hours, due to the number and variety of pianos to be encountered; musicians frequently stay longer to explore the instruments in more depth.


See our Spring, 2024 schedule below for dates, program details, and musicians’ bios and photos.

Admission is still $15.00 per person, children and students, free. Season passes are available on request, offering six Spring, 2024 concerts for the price of five ($75.00) with a free guest pass, to introduce a new person to these concerts. Any unused portion of the pass will be counted as a tax-deductible donation.

Concert Videos

One of the few positive offshoots of the pandemic is the newly expanded use of technology; all of our concerts are being recorded with video, and posted on our own YouTube channel, Music from the Frederick Collection. The high-fidelity audio, by our recording engineer, Christopher Greenleaf, is synchronized with his video footage, chosen from two camera angles by pianist/videographer, Daesik Cha, who also supplies the titles of the works being played. The resulting videos, posted a few days after each concert, make the performances available at any time, and at no cost, to those:


Concerts are held at the New Dawn Arts Center/Ashburnham Community Church, 84 Main Street (Route 12) at the corner of Chapel Street, Sundays at 3:00 PM. Admission is $15.00, students and children, free.

All pianos are from The Frederick Collection of Historical Grand Pianos.

Spring 2024 schedule

April 21, 2024 Yukiko Sekino, piano by Erard & Cie., Paris (1893). Scriabin & Debussy Soundscapes and Colors.
April 28, 2024 Chester Brezniak, clarinets in A & B♭ • Yelena Beriyeva, piano by Erard & Cie., Paris (1928). Duos & Solos for Clarinet & Piano.
May 5, 2024 Ivan Gusev, piano by Ignaz Bösendorfer, Vienna (ca. 1830). Late works by Franz Schubert I.
May 12, 2024 Jessica Gould, soprano • Gail Olszewski, piano by J.B. Streicher & Sohn, Vienna (1868). Johannes Brahms.
May 19, 2024 Olga Vinokur, piano by Erard & Cie., Paris (1893). Medtner, Scriabin & Virtuoso Transcriptions.
May 26, 2024 Hwa'en Ch'uqi, piano by Ignaz Bösendorfer, Vienna (ca. 1830). Late works by Franz Schubert II.

Study Center

Our Historical Piano Study Center remains open throughout the year for visits and tours by appointment. Contact us at (978) 827-6232 or by email to make arrangements to visit.

Recent Recordings from the Frederick Piano Collection

The Brahms Age: Complete Johannes Brahms violin sonatas using historical instruments.

Daniel Kurganov, violin, Constantine Finehouse, piano. Haenssler Classics record company.

Sonatas One and Two were recorded with the J.B. Streicher und Sohn piano, Vienna, 1868, from The Frederick Collection.

The Brahms Age

Two new CD albums, 2022:

Pianist Elaine Greenfield's two-disc set, Ravel Compared, was released on the Navona label. One disc, recorded with our 1893 Erard, shows the music on the samemake and model as Ravel's own piano; the other disc is of the same repertoire as itmight have been heard in the United States, on a 1917 grand piano by Ivers andPond, of Boston.


Pianist Yuan Sheng’s two-disc album of works by Schumann, recorded on our 1846 Streicher piano of Vienna, was issued on the Piano Classics label. Disc I: Davidsbündlertänze and Carnaval: Disc II: Kinderszenen, Waldszenen and Faschingsschwank aus Wien


Like our many other CDs, these albums are available for sale at the Study Center and concerts. We can also take orders by mail.

The Frederick Collection, in the News

The Living Pianos of Ashburnham

Musical Opinion Quarterly, London, England

July-September 2021

The Frederick Collection, in Publications

Read all about it! We have been making the rounds in the print-realm. You may have noticed us in the Grove, or already heard about the commentary on our collection. Come see why we're the leading location for historic pianos in New England.

Our Mission: Education through interaction.

The Frederick Collection of Period Grand Pianos includes over twenty original pianos in playing condition, specifically, the sorts of pianos known to important composers from about 1790 to 1928. At present, there is no comparable collection of period, playing grand pianos in the United States. Most museum collections that include pianos focus on their decorative appearance rather than their musical value. Such instruments are rarely used for performance; perhaps two or three pianos in each of the other major collections in this country are maintained in regular playing condition.

The value of a piano in context

For more information, see our articles on changes in piano keyboard ranges, a different perspective on piano history, or how a piano works.


Donations to Historical Piano Concerts, Inc., both in-kind and monetary, are much appreciated, for the support of the concert series, the work of the Study Center, and toward building renovations and maintenance.

The corporation is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code; donations are fully deductible, and will be gratefully acknowledged.