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Historical Piano Concerts Series
at the
Ashburnham Community Church

Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 4: 00 p.m.

Thomas Meglioranza, Baritone   Reiko Uchida, piano Thomas Meglioranza, baritone
Reiko Uchida, piano
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Schubert's Die schöne Müllerin

Die schöne Müllerin (The Lovely Maid of the Mill)   Op. 25    (1823) 

Franz Schubert
1. Das Wandern (Wandering)
2. Wohin? (Where to?)
3. Halt! (Halt!)
4.  Danksagung an den Bach (Thanksgiving to the brook)
5. Am Feierabend (After work)
6. Der Neugierige (The inquisitive one)
7. Ungeduld (Impatience)
8. Morgengruß (Morning greeting)
9. Des Müllers Blumen (The miller's flowers)
10. Tränenregen (Shower of tears)
11. Mein! (Mine!)
12. Pause (Interlude)
13. Mit dem grünen Lautenbande (With the green lute-riband)
14. Der Jäger (The huntsman)
15. Eifersucht und Stolz (Jealousy and pride)
16. Die liebe Farbe (The beloved color)
17. Die böse Farbe (The hateful color)
18. Trockne Blumen (Withered flowers)
19. Der Müller und der Bach (The miller and the brook)
20. Des Baches Wiegenlied (The brook's lullaby)

Piano by Tröndlin, Leipzig, c.1830

All pianos played in the concerts are from The Frederick Collection

Ashburnham Community Church: 84 Main Street (Rte. 12) at Chapel Street, Ashburnham, MA (GPS: 42.6359, -71.9083)

Admission: $10.00 /adult (children and students, free)

The building is wheelchair accessible.

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