Music from the Frederick Collection


38th Fall Season of the Historical Piano Concerts

Ashburnham Community Church,

New Dawn Arts Center, Ashburnham, MA

Sunday at 3:00 pm, 10 September 2023

Daniel Kurganov

violin after Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù “Kemp, Emperor” (1738),

by Andrew Jacob Ryan, Boston (2013)

bow after François Lupot, Paris, by David Hawthorne, Boston (2021)

Steven Gross

natural horn after Jean-Louis Antoine, a.k.a. Halary, Paris (ca. 1810),

by Richard Seraphinoff, Bloomington, IN

Constantine Finehouse

piano by J. B. Streicher & Sohn, Vienna (1871)

The Brahms Age

Violin sonata No. 3 in d, Op. 108 (1886-88)        

        1. Allegro        

        2. Adagio

        3. Un poco presto e con sentimento

        4. Presto agitato

Johannes Brahms


Trio in Eb, Op. 40 (1865), for violin, horn & piano        

        1. Andante

        2. Scherzo  Allegro

        3. Adagio mesto

        4. Finale  Allegro con brio


All concerts start at 3 pm

and run without an intermission.